Design And Upgrade Tips For Your Outdoor Oasis

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An outdoor oasis is a personal space that can be anything you want it to be. It can be a place to relax and de-stress after a long day, or it can be a place to entertain friends and family. Whether you have a large backyard or a small patio, there are ways to create an outdoor oasis that you’ll love.

Typical Outdoor Oasis Designs

Your oasis is a personal space that can be anything you want. You might build it for a specific purpose or start as a lawn chair under a tree and evolve from there. However it begins or changes over time, it may include features like the following: 

Garden – A garden oasis may contain rare plants, potted herbs, trees, and flowers in vertical or horizontal plots. Plan for plumbing, drainage, and electric power if you want options like automated watering, unique lights, and greenhouse features. 

Spa – Pools, jacuzzis, and hot tubs are relaxing and therapeutic and can be built into the ground or on top of a deck or foundation. They may include dry saunas, sweat lodges, and steam rooms. You will need electricity, plumbing, and adequate drainage.

Cinema – Outdoor viewing of movies and shows is becoming an increasingly popular pastime. You’ll need a screen, projector, or suitable flatscreen television or monitor, seating, and a sound system. Electricity will be your primary concern.

Dining – These include simple barbecue grills, brick ovens, minibars, full-featured outdoor kitchens, and more. You’ll want to plan for plumbing, wiring, drainage, and a way to handle waste. 

Construction Tips

The type of oasis you want will determine many aspects of construction. The floor, walls, and roof can make a big difference if you change your mind and want to add things later.


Packed earth or crushed gravel are options but may not be suitable if you need features like wiring or plumbing. Wood, concrete, brick, and stone are common floor materials that are strong enough to support most upgrades, including walls. 


Along with shelter from wind, rain, and the sun, walls provide attachment points for fixtures and appliances. Walls provide opportunities for personalization with shelves, ledges, and other features, and strong walls are essential if you later decide you’d like to add a roof. 


Even the best summertime plants and those native to your region may need shade, and your skin can use protection from harsh UV rays. A roof can help protect your furniture and appliances from the rain and make it easier to add things to our oasis in the future. Roofs may increase the number of days you can use your sanctuary, especially if you live in an area that experiences a lot of precipitation. 


Upgrading Your Oasis

Upgrades depend on what you have to work with.

Floor Upgrades

Wooden decks are easy upgrades for packed earth and gravel floors. Add a raised platform or riser to any floor for live entertainment. Some floors can be upgraded with special coatings, tile, or indoor/outdoor carpeting. 

Wall Upgrades

Upgrades to walls include paint, light fixtures, motion detectors, surveillance cameras, artwork, and openings for windows and screens. 

Roof Upgrades

Putting time, energy, and resources into any outdoor oasis is a good reason to invest in high-quality patio, porch, or pergola covers that can protect it. Automatic retractable covers are a popular upgrade and can open when the weather is nice and close when storms approach. 

Other Upgrades

While many upgrades can be added at any time, if your oasis lacks electric power or plumbing, you may want to add them first. Solar power and WIFI are also popular options. These features will make other upgrades easier, like adding a sound system, for example, or any of the following:

  • Ice machines
  • Kitchens
  • Barbecue grills
  • Outdoor bars
  • Sinks
  • String lights
  • Fire pits
  • Water features. 

Pergolas & Gazebos – The Ultimate Oasis Upgrades?

Pergolas and gazebos offer features that can turn a simple oasis into a luxury destination. They offer shade and rain protection and lots of upgrade potential. Most models are easy to build and don’t require hiring an architect, and they can be found in a variety of styles that match any home. 

Depending on the model and the construction method, gazebos and pergolas may be permanent or temporary. Some models attach to a wall or a fence, and others are free-standing. 

Plan, Build, Relax

An outdoor oasis is a great place to relax and destress and may be the perfect place to enjoy nature. The right kind of construction may increase the value of your home. If you think about the activities that will take place in your oasis and plan accordingly, your sanctuary can include important features and luxury additions from the start. You’ll be able to enjoy your oasis sooner, and you won’t have to deal with unplanned construction, compromising your vision, or seemingly endless renovation tasks. 

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